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Clapperboard - Standard Engraved

Ready for shipment: as soon as available.

Discover endless possibilities with our custom slates! Whether you're seeking a standard version, a custom engraved or a full-color option, we've got you covered. Rainy out there? Let me provide the update with this weather clapperboard.

The standard clapperboard option is a classic, reliable choice for filmmakers who need a basic and functional clapperboard. No frills or extra features, just a simple, traditional design.

 Clapperboard Width (mm) Height (mm) (without sticks) Height (mm) (with sticks)
Medium 280 170 208
Small 190 115 153
Tiny 152 92 125
Nano 76 50,4 70,4
Full Set All of the above. All of the above. All of the above.

 Material Perspex
Color Opal (White, with a slight light transmission for better viewing in darker environments)
Process Laser engraved, painted by hand.
Thickness (mm) 3


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